Commercial Removals


VANPAC (PAK) INC. moving & storage ltd is a removal company in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and UK committed to providing excellence in the service and value of our specialized products. we have developed a unique approach to our product evaluation, taking on specialized partners in key areas such that we are able to mould our service to meet the needs of facilities management across a wide spectrum of professional service industries and local government. in effect, this flexibility means we can offer a “one stop shop” for managers to have a wide range of tasks completed. simply lift the phone and describe requirements and our dynamic management team will create and install a tailor-made solution.

Office Removals

VANPAC (PAK) INC. moving & storage will provide trained porters for a wide range of office removal tasks. We supply heavy duty lifting equipment and plastic crates. VANPAC (PAK) INC. can also provide a wide range of outsourcing services from office and shop installations to outsourcing tradesmen.

Internal Facility Support

We can provide manpower for internal relocations of staff, including the moving and rebuilding of office partitions and computers, filing cabinets and desks.


There are two recognized methods for providing a seamless transition to new office premises, thus allowing your business to keep working and interacting with your customers. The first of these methods is out of hours (weekend or night) re-locations. The second is phased removal, where we focus on moving one department or office at a time. This will allow your switchboard to find staff or redirect work as appropriate. We have the experience in planning, advising and implementing solutions.

VANPAC (PAK) INC. moving & storage will make available our fleet of modern trucks and vans for entire office removals to new premises throughout the world including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and UK.

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