Moving is a challenging task. The same has to be planned and accomplished deliberately and with great care. Each step to be taken at the appropriate time. One small miss and the whole affair may end up in a chaos.


At VANPAC (PAK) INC. consultation is on a turn-key basis in the field of offices & house hold goods relocation. We believe that customers are a long-term business partner and strive to meet their requirements swiftly and professionally.

This should be done quite ahead of the time of move. You start at least three months before your schedule departure. Many decisions have to be taken as to what items you will have to be discarded and disposed of. As much information as you can get of the new location will help in your decision making. You may consult your packer also who is there to provide any help required in making up your decisions.


The Most Important Part Of The Entire Move Is The Selection Of The Right Packer Who Will Be Handling Your Entire move, right From The Time Of Planning At the Origin Residence Till The Final Delivery At The Destination. The Choice Depends On The Credibility And Authenticity Of The Packer Having Good Recommendations And Past Experience. He Should Radiate A Friendly Feeling And Someone Who Can Gain Your Trust And Confidence Giving You A Sense Of Security And Feeling That Your Goods Will Be Handled With Utmost Professionalism And Care Within A Good Cost Structure. Cost Consciousness Is A Good Thing But DO NOT Necessarily Go for Lowest Bidder As There May Be Some Catch somewhere.

We Feel Sure That Your Choice Of Course Will be VANPAC (PAK) INC. Then We Feel Major Part Of Your Move Is Over And Now You Can Relax That You Are In Good Hands. The Hands Who Will Do All The Work For You And Solve All Your Problems Keeping Mind Free To Tackle Other Aspects Of Relocation.

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