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VANPAC (PAK) INC. was founded in 1981. The international organization one
of the pioneers in Pakistan for packing, moving & storage services

Pre-Move Survey

Its best to start the pre-move survey walking room-by-room with the salesperson indicating which items are to be removed. He or she will then sit down with you to introduce VanPac (Pak) Inc. services and analyses your needs.


Once the planning is done and necessary decision made the next step in line is the completion of the documentation formality. We in our country have to be very thorough with this since certain documents are required for anything.


The packing is done by our professional staff at your residence. The type of material used entirely depends on the type of items being packed. The quality of the packed. The quality of the packing material used is of the highest standard available. Fragile items are reinforced by wooden crates.


Moving is a challenging task. The same has to be planned and accomplished deliberately and with great care. Each step to be taken at the appropriate time. One small miss and the whole affair may end up in a chaos.

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